Polyurethane elastic and soft foam


WR-AT is a CFC free, elastic, 2 component, soft, open cell polyurethane foam. It has a cup density of ca. 55 kg/m³, a short reaction period and is mainly mixed and poured by machine. The foam is processed by hand only in small quantities. WR-AT is resistant to diluted acids and bases.


Soft and elastic components and fillings:
- Light weight cushions
- Padding
- Headrests
- Sound insulation
- Shock absorbing parts


Amount used: ca. 55 g/l
Start time: ca. 30 seconds
Mixing ratio A:B = 100:48 parts by weight
Colour: yellowish

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
126.282 A-component / 200,0 kg Download Download
126.283 B-component / 250,0 kg Download Download