H 40 B2

Polyurethane cavity filling and insulating foam


H 40 B2 is a CFC free, closed cell, 2 component hard foam based on polyurethane. The foam is used to fill cavities, to produce large fibre resin structures e.g. for refrigerated storage houses. The strength of the insulation is about 20-170 mm. The foam is certified B2 as a building material according to DIN 4102 (normally inflammable).
H 40 B2 is mixed with the B component Type II.


Closed cell foam components and cavity filling:
- Thermal insulation
- Deep freeze insulation
- Insulation to reduce sound
- Filling cavities
- Large fibre resin structures


Amount used: ca. 39 g/l
Start time: ca. 24 seconds
Mixing ratio A:B = 100:135 parts by weight with B component Type II
Colour: yellowish

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
139.856 5,0 kg Download Download
139.855 200,0 kg Download Download