Speedcoat SC

Epoxy coat


Speedcoat SC is a cold curing, thixotropic, solvent free, high gloss gelcoat and topcoat used to level surfaces of finely woven mat (viscosity 4700 mPa.s). It is cured with Speedcoat hardener and applied by means of the hand lay-up process. SC can be coloured with EP pigment pastes. If necessary, a light stable PUR lacquer can be used as the last layer.


High gloss, long wearing gelcoat or topcoat for:
- Custom made boards
- Negative glass fibre epoxy resin moulds
- Final coat for wooden boats built by means of the epoxy wood bonding method that need to be coated with a lacquer
- Steel moulds for artificial stone production


Amount used: 200 g/m²
Potlife: ca. 25 minutes
Mixing ratio: 100:40
Colour: transparent

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
125.941 1,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download
125.945 5,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download