Light weight filling material


Aerocell is a filling material that consists of micro glass balloons. It is used to produce a light weight filling compound for epoxy and polyester resins. By adding 10 % (by weight) a paste of low thixotropy is made whereas with a 20-30 % addition the resin is highly thixotropic. The resin mixture has a whitish colour.


To produce a light weight filling compound out of epoxy and polyester resins:
- Fills holes and small cavities
- Repair of foam cores of surfboards
- To fill bonding resins used to construct wooden boats


Amount to add: 10-30 % by weight
Piled density: 130 g/l
Colour: white

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
126.185 0,2 kg Download Download
125.770 4,0 kg Download Download
139.986 27,2 kg Download Download