B component Type II

Polyurethane B component


B component Type II contains diphenylmethane-4.4’-diisocyanate (MDI) and is used to cure 2 component polyurethane foams and systems. It is important to work according to the mixing ratio given on the matching A component to obtain the product properties and to prevent free isocyanate or polyol particles in the cured product.


To harden 2 comp. polyurethane foams:
- Unizell HR-AT / HR77-AT / H 40 B2
- Structural Foam H50-AT / H75-AT
- Structural Foam H200-AT / H400-AT

2 comp. polyurethane systems:
- Elastocoat C6770/1
- Elastocoat C6781
- Elastocoat C6782
- Flexovoss K14


Colour: brown

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
126.309 1,0 kg Download Download
126.310 5,0 kg Download Download
126.311 10,0 kg Download Download
126.313 200,0 kg Download Download