Polyurethane structural foam


H200-AT is a CFC free, closed cell, 2 component hard foam. It cures to a non porous surface when poured into a mould. The foam has a cup density of ca. 200 kg/m³, good mechanical strength and can be nailed or screwed. It can be mixed and poured by hand as it has a long start time. Mechanical stirring reduces the density and start time. A large amount poured into a closed mould increases the density and the pressure exerted against the mould. H200-AT is used with the B component Type II and is resistant to diluted acids, bases and water.


Shapeable components subject to high stress and a non porous surface:
- Lids
- Doors
- Arm chair shells
- Casings for machine and other apparatus
- Car body parts
- Models


Amount used: ca. 200 g/l
Start time: ca. 65 seconds
Mixing ratio A:B = 100:100 parts by weight with B component Type II
Colour: yellowish

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
126.339 1,0 kg Download Download
126.340 10,0 kg Download Download
126.323 200,0 kg Download Download