Polyurethane filling and insulation foam


HR-AT is a CFC free, at least 91 % closed cell, 2 component hard foam based on polyurethane with a cup density of ca. 50 kg/m³. It has a long reaction time and can be mixed and poured by hand even in large amounts up to ca. 10 kg. Mechanical processing reduces density and start time.
HR-AT is mixed with the B component Type II and is resistant to diluted acids, bases and water.


Hard, closed cell foam components and cavity filling:
- Thermal insulation
- Deep freeze insulation
- Buoyancy chambers in boats
- Filling of small buoys and life belts (unsinkable)
- Sandwich cores
- Providing stiffness
- Insulation to reduce sound


Amount used: ca. 50 g/l
Start time: ca. 37 seconds
Mixing ratio A:B = 100:145 parts by weight
Colour: yellowish

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
126.338 0,7 kg Download Download
126.341 3,5 kg Download Download
126.342 10,0 kg Download Download