Epoxy coating resin


Glosscoat is a cold curing, solvent free, transparent, easy flowing resin.
It is cured with Glosscoat hardener. Decorative pictures, collages and coatings with a smooth, high gloss surface can be made. The colours can be separated by wire inlays (similar to lead borders) or allowed to flow into one another. A coating of Glosscoat enhances the effect of wood grain.


- Decorative coatings, collages on wood and other materials
- High gloss, transparent coats on various materials e.g. wood, plastics,
metals etc.


Amount used: 200 g/m²
Potlife: ca. 40 minutes
Mixing ratio: 100:40 parts by weight
Colour: transparent yellow

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
124.915 1,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download
124.918 14,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download