Epoxy BK

Epoxy laminating, casting and binding resin


BK is a low viscosity (ca. 1000 mPa.s), solvent free epoxy resin that can be processed at room temperature and hardens tack free. It can be used as coating, casting and laminating resin and as a binding agent. The resin is cured with BK hardener (amine) and can be used with glass, carbon or kevlar fibre in the hand lay-up process.


An all purpose epoxy resin for laminating, casting and binding:
- Moisture resistant coating for gutters, pipes and tanks made of concrete
and other materials
- Encapsulation of electronic wiring
- Laminating resin for model construction, for panels and bonnets
in the vehicle and apparatus industry
- For wood repairs as a binder for fillers or adhesives
- Binder for sand mixtures used to repair floors
- Binder for light weight filling materials that are used as base and fine filler


Amount used: 3x mat, 1x woven fabric weight; 1.1 kg/l
Potlife: ca. 30 minutes
Mixing ratio A:B = 100:60 parts by weight
Cures with: BK hardener
Colour: transparent

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
125.149 0,5 kg incl. hardener Download Download
125.152 1,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download
124.904 5,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download
125.123 30,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download