DMA Accelerator 10%

Amine accelerator


DMA 10-1 is used for rapid cold curing of polyester resins with benzoyl peroxide powder or paste and results in a short potlife.
DMA 10-1 is a 10 % solution that can also be used as a promoter for cobalt accelerated polyester and vinylester resins (e.g. at low temperatures). The amine changes the resin to a slight yellow colour.
This product is used only for industrial purposes.


Accelerator for rapid curing of polyester and vinylester resins in combination with BPO hardener; promoter for the cobalt/MEKP hardening system:
- Repair resins
- Laminating resins
- Elastic roofing resins
- Topcoats


Amount to add: up to 3 %
Colour: yellowish clear

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
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