Cobalt amine accelerator


MB-12 is an accelerator that contains cobalt and amine for use with polyester and vinylester resins. Can be hardened with either MEKP, AAP or BPO. With MEKP – MB-12 has a potlife of 2.5 to 8 minutes (inhibitor is often used when MEKP or AAP is added). With BPO the potlife is 1.5 hours. The accelerator has a 2 % cobalt and 10 % DMA content and causes a slight yellowish colour. MB-12 is intended only for industrial use.


An accelerator that provides good cure with MEKP and AAP even in thin laminates:
- Laminating resins
- Gelcoats (certain conditions)
- Sealants
- Topcoats (certain conditions)


Amount to add: 0.3-2 %
Colour: purple

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
135.744 1,0 kg Download Download
134.314 25,0 kg Download Download