UPS Faser

Polyester glass fibre filler


UPS Faser is a thixotropic filler with chopped glass fibre strands. The material has low shrinkage and a greater strength than a normal filler. It can be used for bridging rustholes as well as for filling deep depressions. UPS Ferro-Faser is hardened with BPO. Ferro-Faser is applied onto a sanded surface that must be primed with a regular body filler. To obtain a tack free surface, Ferro-Faser should be coated with another polyester filler or wiped off with solvents or be sanded.


For filling and levelling of dents, holes and wide joints on metal, GRP, wood etc.:
- Repairing corroded metal (with adhesive primer)
- Levelling out deep dents
- Contouring models


Amount used: 1.36 kg/l
Potlife: 3 to 4 minutues
Hardening paste: 2 to 3 % BPO paste
Colour: yellow

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
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