Release Lacquer Green


Release lacquer green is a solution of polyvinyl alcohol in water. The material is mainly used in combination with (polished) release wax to obtain a better release.
Release lacquer green is applied thinly and evenly with a sponge and is dry after 30 minutes. It can be removed with warm water.


On non-porous moulds (metal); it is applied as an additional release agent on other moulds on top of release wax used for GRP moulded parts.


Amount used: ca. 50 g/m²
Drying time: ca. 30 minutes
Colour: green

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
125.457 0,5 l Download Download
125.458 1,0 l Download Download
126.197 5,0 kg Download Download
126.208 20,0 kg Download Download