Manual Dosing Pump


Easy method for measuring liquids like resins, lacquers, peroxides and many other pumpable liquids directly from the container.
The piston is moved by a lifting arm or a crank. The measuring amount can be read on the scale of the glass cylinder.
The pump is made of glass, stainless steel, aluminium, PTFE, PVDF and PP. It has good resistance to solvents and their preparations. The pump is not resistant against acids and bases. These must be measured with pumps made of PP or PVDF.


- No weighing or decanting
- High safety and cleanness at work
- Low material loss
- No energy supply required

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
137.578 1000 ml PP Download Download
137.770 100 ml HV-50 Download Download
137.576 100 ml NV-PP Download Download
145.890 250 ml HV-AL Download Download
137.577 500 ml PP Download Download