UPS Lightplast

Polyester lightweight filler


UPS Lightplast is a thixotropic filler with a low specitic gravity (0.7 kg/l). The material is easy to use and can be nailed or screwed. UPS Lightplast is also a very effective filler for wood including M.D.F. due to its very easy sanding and carving properties. It also accepts normal wood stains. UPS Lightplast is hardened with BPO and can be sanded after 20 to 30 minutes.


Filling and contouring of lightweight parts or where particularly easy shaping is required, wood etc:
- Filling, levelling and moulding material for lightweight applications and for model construction
- Repair filler for lightweight building elements
- Repair material for the cores of sandwich laminates
(except polystyrene foam)
- Moulding and finishing filler in orthopaedics


Amount used: 0.7 kg/l
Potlife: ca. 5 minutes
Curing agent: 2-4 % BPO paste
Colour: off white

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
124.317 700 g incl. hardener Download Download