Polyester brushable filler


UPS Top is a thixotropic filler for filling shallow, uneven or curved surfaces, or masking glass fibre pattern. It can be applied to metal, GRP and wood surfaces. Ferro-Top is hardened with BPO paste and is sandable after 15 minutes. To obtain a dense, pinhole free surface Ferro-Top is applied with a brush.


For filling small imperfections on metal, GRP or wood surfaces:
- For surfacing general purpose body fillers
- Smoothing surfaces on prototypes and models


Amount used: 1.6 kg/l
Potlife: ca. 5 minutes
Curing agent: 2 % BPO paste
Colour: beige

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
143.816 1,5 kg incl. hardener Download Download