UPS Spray

Polyester spray filler


UPS Spray is a thixotropic spray filler with high filling capability for metal, GRP and wood. It is applied with a spray gun (2.5 mm nozzle). UPS Ferro-Spray is thinned with max. 5 % Spray-Thinner before applying the final coat to reduce the viscosity and to provide a very smooth surface which minimizes the sanding work.
Before sanding the surface should be allowed to harden for 3-5 hours, or for 30 minutes when post cured at max. 60°C. The surface must be coated with an acrylic based filler prior to painting.


For filling and surfacing metal, GRP and wood:
- Body panels
- GRP parts
- Wooden moulds
- Chipboard and MDF (medium density fibreboard)


Amount used: 1.7 kg/l
Potlife: 25 minutes
Curing agent: 3.5 % CHP-hardener
colour: grey

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
143.815 1,5 kg incl. hardener Download Download
124.315 transparent / 1.0 l tin / spray putty thinner Download Download