Polyester finishing filler white


UPS FEW is a sandable, thixotropic surfacing filler providing a very smooth and dense surface. It is used for fine surfacing of uneven surfaces and for smoothing out various materials. UPS FEW is hardened with BPO and is sandable after 15 minutes.


Filling both shallow and deep dents, surfacing general purpose fillers:
- As a polyester stopper for surfacing fillers prior to painting
- On doors, windows both wood and metal prior to painting
- Boat repairs above the waterline


Amount used: 1.8 kg/l
Potlife: ca. 4 minutes
Curing agent: 1-3 % BPO paste
Colour: cream white

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
143.794 0,5 kg incl. hardener Download Download
143.795 1,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download
143.796 2,0 kg incl. hardener Download Download
143.819 19,29 kg excl. hardener Download Download