UPS V-11

Polyester glassfibre filler


UPS V-11 is a thixotropic, filling and bonding compound with added glass fibre. The material has low shrinkage and greater strength than a normal filler. V-11 is hardened with BPO and should be coated with another filler or topcoat because of its tacky surface. If V-11 is applied onto metal, it is necessary to prime the surface with a polyester filler.


Filling and levelling damaged metal, bridging larger gaps and holes, bonding wood:
- Reinforcement of corroded metal surfaces (with an adhesive primer)
- Bonding wood and GRP parts where greater strength is required
- Filling and repairing damaged wood


Amount used: 1.35 kg/l
Potlife: ca. 4 minutes
Curing agent: 1-3 % BPO paste
Colour: brownish yellow

Art.No. Specification Product Information Safety Data Sheet
143.790 400 g incl. hardener Download Download
143.791 1,3 kg incl. hardener Download Download